What you can do - including becoming a member of the Mendip Society

The Mendip Society is a "can do" organisation, but without your help it can't do anything. There's lots of things you can start doing right away, but even if you are just with us in spirit, welcome.

Here are just a few suggestions:

First and foemost please consider become a Member of the Mendip Society. It doesn't cost a lot.

Get your friends to join the Society
Act as a planning watchdog for the Society
Help organise events and talks
Make coffee and tea at meetings
Write articles for the Society's newsletter
Get onto a committee
Lead walks
Dry stone walling
Pick up any litter, cans or bottles you see lying about and recycle them
Report fly tipping and abandoned cars to the district council
Be a youth or conservation task leader
Help to manage Slader's Leigh or Tania's Wood
Consider leaving the Society a legacy
Influence your councillors and MPs
Get your village to prepare a village design statement.

If you have any special talents, do let us know. Are you (or were you) a planner, a solicitor, a botanist, a dry stone waller, a fund raiser, a keen public speaker, an accountant, a secretary, a programmer? If so, you can help!

To join the Society go to our Membership section.