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The Mendip Hills are constantly affected by an array of environmental, social and political issues. The Society’s views on these issues can be found here.

If you wish to support these, or comment in any way, please use the feedback form on the “Contact Us” page.

Hinkley Point C National Grid Connection PDF Print E-mail


For the reasons set out below:

The best option is a direct undersea link from Hinkley Point to Seabank or Aberthaw and should have been worked up in parallel and put out for consultation

 Route Corridor 2 is unacceptable as an overhead route (OHL), but acceptable as an underground route – subject to further archaeological and wildlife information and if set closely by the motorway through ground more of less disturbed during its construction.

Both Route Corridors 1A and 1B are unacceptable as underground routes.

If OHL is eventually built, Route Corridor 1A (replacement of the 132kV OHL) is better than 1B (without replacement), but OHL represents the best of a very bad deal for the Mendip Hills.

Renewable Energy PDF Print E-mail

The Mendip Society firmly supports the development of renewable energy sources, but not at a cost to the character of the countryside, its bio diversity and historic landscape. It believes that great care must be taken in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and along their boundaries.

The opening paragraph of the Society’s policy statement declares that the society, ‘Supports renewable energy developments which are of a scale in keeping with the character and quality of the countryside, recognising the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and replace fossil fuels’

AONB Extension PDF Print E-mail

The Society believes that much more of the Mendip Hills deserves designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty than was accepted by the Countryside Commission in 1972.

Understanding that countryside must be of outstanding quality at the national level in order to qualify, the Society considers that a number of other areas should be included.

Waste disposal and infilling of swallets PDF Print E-mail

The Mendip Hills are full of holes that some think are suitable for waste disposal and infilling, as karst solution processes result in features, such as caves, closed depressions and swallets. Quarrying and mining has occurred since at least Roman times.