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Small Grants Through the Mendip Heritage Fund PDF Print E-mail

The Mendip Society provides small grants to local initiatives which benefit the Mendip Hills through the Mendip Heritage Fund.

The aim of the fund is to assist communities in the conservation and enhancement of the Mendip Hills landscape and to encourage its enjoyment and celebration.

Types of Project Covered by the Fund

Smitham Hill Chimney

The fund may cover:

  • Village appraisals, village design statements and "planning for real" exercises
  • Restoration, repair or creation of small, characteristic features in or around villages. The Priddy Hurdle Stack is a good example, as is Smitham Hill Chimney [right], which is leaning, but secure! It is the last standing Mendip lead-smelter chimney, once on the verge of collapse, but restored with grant aid from the Mendip Society. We are still working in that area. Other projects might include works on village greens, ponds, seats, signs, and in special circumstances, trees, walls and hedges - particularly in public areas in villages).
  • Restoration, repair or creation of special signs (including "Somerset" cast iron guide posts), village information boards, interpretation boards, viewpoints, toposcopes etc. The Society has recently sponsored boards at Winscombe’s Millenium Green, shown in our Gallery.
  • Items, that promote Mendip tranquillity, remoteness and the dark night sky, such as the telescopes at Charterhouse, or which remedy light pollution. The Society has recently funded the provision of a television link to the Charterhouse telescope, to allow those unable to manage the restricted entrance to the telescope to enjoy its displays.
  • Help for publications, which celebrate and increase awareness of the Mendip Hills and encourage appropriate access.
  • Acquisition of land or cultural items of exceptional Mendip significance.

Other items may be added to this list.

Eligable Organisations and Rates of Grant

The Society favours applicants who represent the rural community, such as village organisations, WIs, charities, amenity societies, conservation bodies, parish councils, local authorities, and similar groups. It may also be prepared to offer grant aid to individuals where the public benefits are clear.

The Society will offer a sufficient rate of grant to get a project going, but this will rarely exceed 50% and normally be around 33% of costs. The maximum total grant will not exceed £1,000.

Application for funds

If you would like to apply for a grant then please contact the Mendip Society's Grants Officer. A form will be sent to you. You will be asked to complete the form and add any further details of projects and proposals, such as maps and plans, and to show clearly how the stated objectives will be met.